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Amazing site. I was able to find out which dealer would pay me the most for my car. I chose the best deal without ever having to go to the dealership. They even came and picked it up.

— Zack H. Naples FL 5 star rating

Not only did I not have the time, but I also didn't want to drive from dealership to dealership to see who would give me the most money for my trade. Thanks to Bidonmytrade.com I didn't have to. I was able to choose a few dealerships to bid on my car from the comfort of my own home. Painless process.

— Nick A. Tampa, FL 5 star rating

I got $4000 more than I ever could imagine from a local dealer and traded it the next day. Very cool site. Will def use this site on my next car.

— Keith K. Bradenton, FL 5 star rating

I was amazed how easy this site was to use. My goal was to get the max $$ for my Kia. I couldn't believe the differences in prices between the 4 dealers that I chose to bid on my car. One dealer was almost $5000 higher than the lowest one. It took me just a few minutes with no driving or haggling with anyone.

— Kat C. Tampa, FL 5 star rating

4 Easy Steps

Enter your vehicle's VIN # or select the year, make and model from the dropdowns. Enter your mileage and your zip code. 

Verify and select your trade vehicle equipment and it's overall condition.

Optional, but we highly reccomend using this feature. Quickly and easily upload up to 20 quality pictures of your vehicle. This is the only website that allows you to securely upload photos of your vehicle to multiple dealerships, one time, without having to leave your house.

Choose which local dealerships to bid on your vehicle. You'll immediately see your vehicle's market value, and then which dealer will pay you the most for your car. Trade it. Sell it. Get paid by the dealer. Easy!

How Much is My Car Worth?

What is the highest trade in value? Where can I get the most money for my trade? These are the kind of questions one must ask when it comes time to find the best trade in value. But the quick answer is... your local car dealers. 

When it's time to buy a new car, you must to take into consideration which dealership is going to pay you the most for your trade. Times like this can be little stressful, especially in today's market. 

Trade in values, even for vehicles of the exact same, year, make, model and color can vary tremendously, especially if your car was in an accident which may have been reported to an insurance company and subsequently to a vehicle history reporting company. Or, perhaps, you drove a few more miles than average (or less!). There are many factors that can go into a used car trade in value. No two used cars are exactly alike.

So if you are looking for a stress free, easy way to get the maximum used car value in your area, or you simply want to sell your car outright, you’ve come to the right place.