Car Valuation Online | Bid On My Trade


We tried very hard to make using Bid on My to be as user friendly as possible. However, there may be times where you have questions, so we took some time and prepared a step by step guide, which is below.


Step 1/Home Page: On the Home Page, simply enter your vehicle identification number (recommended) in the first box on the left, if you have it available. This will auto populate the fields below it so you don't have to do it manually. This also helps the dealership to more accurately appraise your trade. With the "VIN #" you and the dealer can know for sure the year, make, model and series of your trade. It also helps to eliminate any mistakes by using the drop down menus. In addition, the dealership can run a Carfax on the vehicle, as well as you, which we will provide the link for that on the last page.

If you do not have the Vin # easily available, please simply use the drop down boxes and select the Year, Make, Model and Series of the vehicle you would like to trade. Then input your current mileage as closely as possible and finally your Zip Code.  

Step 2/Describe Your Trade: Please describe the condition of your vehicle and mechanical problems, if any. 

Step 3/Upload Pictures: It is highly recommended that you take some very good, high quality pictures of your vehicle. Even though this page is optional, it certainly does show the dealers that you are a serious buyer and you are ready to do business. It also helps the dealer to more accurately appraise your trade. No pictures? No problem. Just click "Skip to Next Step".

When uploading pictures, click on the yellow "Choose File" button and locate the folder where you saved your pictures. Once you locate the pictures folder on your computer or device, click on or highlilght up to 20 pictures. The system will take a few seconds to upload each picture. Once complete, the sytem will automatically take you to Step 4. 

Step 4/Select Dealers and Enter Your Contact Information: Your almost done! On this final step, on the left side of the page, please select up to 5 dealers you wish to "bid on your trade". Do this by clicking on the boxes for each dealer. Next, on the right side of the page, enter your contact information. The dealers you select will receive an email with the pictures of your trade and your contact info. They will then have the capability to appraise your trade and email you the pre-inspection appraisal figure. If you do not receive an appraisal, make sure to check your spam folder, just in case!

That's it! That's all there is to it. Easy. Now you can sit back and relax for a moment while the dealerships you selected appraise and bid on your trade. Appraisals will be emailed to you. No more driving from dealership to dealership.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us by email at or use the section to the right of this page. - Because the Trade Makes All the Difference.®