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There are a few places to find this. The best place is on the car itself. It would be located on the bottom, inside of the drivers side windshield. It will also be inside the drivers side door jam, on a sticker. You can also find it on your registration and insurance card. But be careful not to use a vin # from another vehicle that you may own! 

The reason the vin # is so important is because in many cases it eliminates any mistakes about the year and series of your vehicle. It also allows the dealership to run a Carfax or a vehicle history report which allows for a more accurate appraisal. For instance, some trucks may be a 4X4 and you may miss this, but the vin # may pick it up, in most cases. That can make a huge difference in the appraised amount. Things like automatic transmission are coded into the vin. If you were to miss that, again, you could be looking at an inaccurate appraised amount. 

So, if at all possible, use the vin#! 

No. You are under no obligation to buy or sell anything.

Nope. You are under no obligation to sell your vehicle to anyone who bids on it. 

After you complete the last step, your trade info and pictures will be emailed to the dealers you chose to bid on your trade. They will open their email, see your trade, enter an estimated value and then email you with their offer. 

No. Each dealership has no idea what the other dealership is offering you for your trade!

No. This service is free to anyone looking to buy a new car or truck within the USA. However, we are enrolling dealers to participate in this service as fast as we can. We do not currently offer this service in the states of AK, HI, OR, or WA.

Easy! Click the "Dealer Login" button at the bottom of this page and click "Create an Account". One of our helpful staff members will be in touch shortly to work out the details.

No. None at all! This website is FREE for everyone who is looking to get the most money for their used vehicle; fast!

Bid on My Trade.com assists Transaction Ready shoppers to procure trade in quotes or bids from participating New Car Dealerships without the hassle of driving from dealership to dealership. Bids are silent. Only you, or the end user/shopper knows what each dealership bids on their trade in, via an email. Each dealership bid is "Brand and Model" specific. In other words, if your looking for a BMW, why would you want a Chevrolet dealer to bid on your trade? Even though you are trading in a Toyota. Wow!

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